• Industrial / Bakery Group
    Efficient - Quality - Balanced
    Bakery Group
    Our company produces Tubular Oven, Rotary Cart Bakery Oven, Deck Oven, Mini Deck Oven, Rotary Convection Oven and Fixed Convection Oven in different sizes and dimensions in accordance with your needs and expectations.
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  • Dough /Processing Group
    Sensitive - Aesthetic
    Processing Group
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  • Auxiliary / Equipment
    Fast - Practical
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  • Conical Rounder/Machine
    Fast - Practical
    Conical Rounder
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Meba Industrial Bakery Machines

Established in Konya in 2021 as Meba Industrial Bakery Machines , our company has started to serve our valued customers with its young and dynamic staff.

Our company has tubular oven, modern black oven, rotary car oven, rotary convection oven, convection oven, electric deck oven, compact oven, mini tubular deck oven, 15 trays convection oven with rotary car, dough cutting machine, conical rounding machine, etc. Our company, which manufactures products, appeals to a wide audience with its wide product range.

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